Eleanor (Ellie) Hamby has been photographing people and wildlife all over the world for many years. Her specialty is capturing the faces of people and particularly the Tonga's of Southern Zambia. She has had solo exhibitions of her photography in the United States and Africa and does numerous speaking engagements concerning her photography. Her photos have been on the cover of magazines and she has had extensive newspaper coverage in Zambia and the USA of her photography.
Ellie's love affair with the faces of people began many years ago. Her late husband, Kelly, and she traveled extensively and Ellie has been to 99 countries and lived in Zambia, Africa for six years. She always travels with her camera at her side, relying on her camera and her sense of capturing, through the lens, a person's emotions. Ellie feels a face expresses the hardship or hope in a person. She sees in each expression a whole spectrum of emotions: happiness, joy, toil, sadness, hopelessness, and contentment. Sometimes an entire life story can be glimpsed by the expression in a face.
Ellie has a new product (Notecards made from Elephant Dung Paper featuring a signed photo on the front) that is available in the Online Ordering gallery. Please check these out as they make a great gift. You can also find prints, postcards, and bookmarks available for purchase in the Online Ordering Gallery. A new photography exhibition (Nabataean Ancient Structures: Jordan to Saudi Arabia) will open at the Center for Contemporary Arts on September 9 through October 24, 2015.  The exhibition will feature images of the amazing structures of the ancient Nabataean culture, Petra and Mada'in Saleh in the Middle East.  The opening reception will be September 11, 5:30 -7:30 pm.