Photos by Ellie | About

 As a photographer, it is my desire to document the world. I take pictures that call attention to people and interesting places and through the camera lens, I can sense this environmental interaction. A face expresses the hardship or hope in an individual and by capturing emotions: happiness, joy, contentment, toil, sadness, and lack of hope, I might see a glimpse into an entire life story. 

 With a camera at my side, I have journeyed to 105 countries and all 7 continents. My interest in photography did not begin with a burning desire to see the world through a camera but was motivated by my sense of adventure and a need to explore the world.  I travel in a simple manner allowing me to mix with local people and use my photography to serve as a window into the people I meet.

 As any traveler understands, many parts of the world come into your heart and will not go away. I have encountered such places while climbing the steep steps of the thousand-year-old rock churches in Lalibela, Ethiopia, sleeping in a thatched hut in the village of Baga in Papua New Guinea, and sharing a meal under a tent with a Bedouin family in the Syrian Desert. Through the lens of my camera, I am able to capture the expressions of people and the beauty of the wonders of this world. This has been a profound experience and my goal is to continually use my camera to open up an unexplored world filled with new relationships and new stories. 

 If my photographs cause an emotion within you, then I have done my job as an artist.